Friday, May 10, 2013

like the city that nurtured my greed and my pride.

when receiving a text from jenny 'my house, friday. no if's not but's no coconuts' i was surprised by a little tea party from my best chums as an early birthday celebration.
jade and jenny got my a beautiful mug (see above) and a VERY floral picture frame and i have already filled (big fan of a picture frame)
i handed in my last pieces of work for second year which is scary and a relief all at the same time. 
i am now so ready to curl up with all the magazines i haven't had time to read and a bar of dairy milk oreo that my beautiful house mate gave me to cheer me up
tomorrow will consist of packing up all my stuff and trying to eat all the food in my fridge
love livvy
p.s. yes my badge does say knob jockey, my friends are so charming!

Monday, May 6, 2013

sometimes its fun, you pull my strings one by one.

a little birthday wish list i have compiled as soon i will to tuning the big two oh (being twenty on the twentieth still amuses me)
i'm not getting a big present as such this year but money towards my holiday with jay bird, five days in tenerife just lush!
as much as money is one of the most useful gifts i love unwrapping things and getting little bits you can tell people have thought about. all my friends tell me i'm the easiest person to buy for anything pretty with a floral pattern or moustaches on and i'm your girl!
hope everyone had a lovely bank holiday weekend, mine was essay writing (poo) but separated with wagamamas, cocktails and pizza express (no regrets) in laaaandan with jay. 
this evening has been the standard monday night of having snugs with my house ladies whilst watching made in chelsea, the best kind of snugs my friends.
if you could all be mega babes please could you take a minute to fill out a survey for my essay
and as a reward for that, watch this (crickey this post is link central eh?)
and one last request (yes that was sung in a paolo nutini voice, how could it not be) if any of you are street style bloggers/street style photographers pretty please could you let me ask you a few questions for my project, it will take ten minutes over email and i will love you forever
love livvy