Friday, February 24, 2012

yours, until the rivers all run dry.

dress: new look
sunglasses: H&M
bag: cambridge satchel company
denim jacket: brick lane
scarf: market
belt: vintage
necklace: vintage 
wedges: new look

hello beauties!
how beautiful was the weather yesterday! my flatmates all went out to sit by the marina whilst i had to go to uni (boo hoo) not really sure what was going on with my hair that day but never mind! southampton is so beautiful when its sunny!
love livvy

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the sun settles hard in the south, winter lives in my bones.

dreaming of summer and missing phoebe. 
 really need to do my work and stop watching lfw online. 
love livvy

Thursday, February 16, 2012

what if you dream of somebody new.

jumper: primark
trousers: zara
belt: vintage
scarf: spitalfields 
bag: vintage
shoes: primark
necklace: ebay and a bit of DIY
rings: ebay and grannys

hello sweethearts
apologies for looking a bit rough but i really feel it, coughing like i smoke fifty a day! (if you follow me on twitter then I'm sure you will be fed up of me moaning about it) i have convinced E that she 'wants' to take outfit pictures for me every thursday whilst we are on our way to tesco (i say it falls under the room mate agreement, like in the big bang theory...) i was amazed that i didn't heave to wear a coat today, it was scarily warm (even saw someone in shorts but i think the were just showing off) e is taking back to her homeland of somerset this weekend and there has been rumour of a bbq and double beds, heaven. 
love livvy xoxo

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

with the wolves.

these wedges were my valentines present from the boy (he knows me too well). i have been lusting after a cream knitted jumper for ages and picked this little number up in primark today for twelve pounds. the latest company finally arrived at tesco (the little yes i let out when i saw it got me some funny looks...) this very grainy photobooth shows my valentines day face, my family came down for the day and the boy surprised me by coming too, it was best day i have had in ages with lots of eating and laughing. 
hope you all had a lovely valentines day.
love livvy

Thursday, February 9, 2012

let me be your everlasting light.

shirt: newlook
jeans: primark
cardi: zara
boots: topshop
fur: dorothy perkins 
satchel: cambridge satchel company
rings: newlook/red brick lipstick shop
watch: rotary

hello lovelies
well would you look at that a 'proper' outfit post! convinced my lovely flatmate E to take photographs for me (so many of me laughing as people walk by). this is my 'go to' outfit as its simple and warm, plus most of my jewellery goes with it. right now i'm eating mexican and watching e4 and don't plan on moving for a few hours. 

love livvy

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

have your friends collect your records.

my 'cambridge satchel' and what i carry round all day in it. 
had this bad boy a year and i still love it as much as the day i picked it up.
love livvy

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

on the brain.

just some items that i keep thinking about, sadly buying sketch books, food and printer ink have to come first. the image links to my ployvore that has all the links to the items (gahh lazy liv). today I'm going to crack on with some work.
whats everyone lusting over right now?
love livvy

Sunday, February 5, 2012

kept it at bay as you kept your word.

now i know valentines day is next week but due to being 150 miles away from the boy on that day we exchanged gifts when he stayed this weekend. i love buying presents for people and when i was doing my normal lurk of etsy i saw this and knew it was perfect for him. i got this hip flask from an lush etsy shop called whimsy and ink who hand make the most amazing hip flask's in america, it took all my effort not to buy one for myself as well. luckily somerset and i have decided to have a lady date on v day so we don't miss our boys too much. 
hope everyone has a lovely valentines day whatever you do and whoever you're with.
love livvy

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

hold it close, won't let this go.

life lately has consisted of carrying heavy fashion books, new eyeshadow, onesies, card making, caving and buying a new eyeliner, monthly reads, healthy eating and new ebay finds. 
oh and i have reached fifty followers, thank you all so so much for following!!!
love livvy