Sunday, January 22, 2012

i'm under your spell.

this beautiful little number from asos that was a steal at £20 and is for my boys ball in march, so being the little bargain hunter that i am i started looking for a dress in the sales and found this beaut, its a little big on the waist as they didn't have any eights so i settled for a petite ten (hence the belt). i have been experimenting with some accessories and i have settled on my accessorize clutch and my rachel simspon shoes that i was given as a gift from jo when i was working at bridal path (they're a little bit grubby so if anyone could give me tips on how to clean them that would be fab). i know its a couple of months away but i love an excuse to dress up and look for pretty things! 
sorry that you have to see my duvet cover as a background again, but halls are not a pretty place to take pictures.
I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself (feel like someone has kicked me in the ribs for some reason) i start my new timetable for uni tomorrow so hopefully i will get back into the swing of things quickly. 

love livvy