Wednesday, September 19, 2012

short on money but long on time.

jumper, scarf, trousers: crew

hello lovlies
i guess you're wondering why my whole outfit is crew, well this was my entry to 'project runway' a competition (i work for them for all you lovely new readers incase you didn't know) in the company to be the face of the new uniform guidelines and i've made i down to the final six! i get to go on a photoshoot in a 'secret location' next week!
today i'm off to go stay with the boy in london for a couple of days, i've been feeling pretty ill over the last few days, i think the result of two six day weeks haven't helped but chesty cough things and asthma are not a match made in heaven let me tell you!
i have had my hair cut since this picture and am rather missing my blonde ends but i think i might grow it a bit and re-dye them! but my hair takes about a quarter of the time to dry and feels much healthier so i guess is worth it! 
i really must get on with packing for going to back to so'ton but watching secret dairy of a call girl again just feels like a much better idea...
love livvy