Friday, September 14, 2012

singing standing tall it's now coming easy.

pretty oven gloves from the boys mama - 99p store nail varnish - oxfam books for bedtime reading - emma bridgewater notelets from the boys mama as well (she knows i'm forgetful) - beautiful zatchels bag from mama

hello lovelies
i have been shopping for my second year, i got all the important bits last year so this time rounds its a tad cheaper (apart from having to pay rent for my house over the last three months, hence why i've been working all the time)

i thought i would share some tips for those of you who haven't left yet.

1. poundland and the 99p shop are your best friends, the other day i got a clock for ninety nine pence (lets hope it works). its so useful for getting baking trays, pastry brushes, saucepans and frying pans from, especially as if you lose them (as you will in halls) then you can replace them cheaply! however i did have nice mugs and no one was allowed to use them as well as my plates and bowels which were also pretty (it just makes eating nicer, especially if you like pretty things)

2. wilkinsons, QD and the range are good for pretty but practical things (primark also do nice tea towels and decorations)

3. do be ashamed to get items from the children's section, i got some bunting and a bin which are lovely!

4. don't skimp on duvet, pillows, covers ect, they will be the things you spend most of your life in.

5. when your parents take you on a 'big shop' get those HUGE bags of pasta, powdered milk and teabags, they will be your lifesavers when you have just three pounds to your name (no joke it happens) but also get meat and freeze it as its bloody expensive, unless you live off eighty nine pence sausages like i did.

6. take big packets of washing powder and fabric softener and vanish (those red wine staines don't just disappear)  LEARN HOW TO USE A WASHING MACHINE, you will be everyones best friend (as well as being able to cook) you'll be surprised at how many people cannot do washing. 

7. ikea is god of storage, you will need it. 

hope this is helpful, any questions are welcome!
i cannot believe i'm off to so'ton again next sunday, i've missed my girls and getting drunk on a week day. 
the boy went off to london for his first year yesterday (feels like he's been gone longer), he's doing geology the clever clogs.
good luck to everyone doing their first year and hope everyone else enjoys their second and third years!
love livvy