Friday, August 31, 2012

say my name and every colour illuminates.

jacket: christian lacroix but found for a pound in brick lane.
dress: new look
bag: cambridge satchel company
fur: dorothy perkins
sunglasses: H&M
brogues: clarks
papa n was shouting 'love the camera' and 'walk for me darling' during all of these photographs being taken, so helpful. 

hello lovelies
yesterday it was my brothers birthday so we went of a fam' trip to hampton court, and my gosh it was beautiful!
after being slightly grumpy (actually very, hunger is not my friend) at the fact some woman was faffing about getting chips and then taking the last portion at the cafe it was a lovely day (i settled on a chicken sandwich, not chips but i won't hold a grudge...)
the journey was quite a long one involving two overground trains as well as the underground but we got there in the end and spent hour wandering around. 
i love love love tudor history, i failed my history AS levels but i still love it, so my inner history geek was having a field day (wasn't charles II a naughty boy, many a mistress he had!) 
i think i love the tudors because the had so much scandal, its like gossip and history, whats not to love eh?
the palace also had many a chandelier, i love a good chandelier but who doesn't so much deliberation about how to steal one was going on whilst wandering around (don't worry i didn't, none of my plans of putting them under my dress would have worked anyway, a girl can dream)
i'm back on tumblr after a year break (tumblr decided to lock me out), so if you fancy a peak its here.
hope you all have a lovely weekend!
love livvy