Tuesday, August 28, 2012

in our own world.

hello lovelies!
hope you're all well and are having a wonderful summer, i am trying to get my brain round the fact that i'm going back to uni in under a month (ahhhh second year panic panic!)

1. i didn't take very many pictures on our seaside adventure because i was having such a lovely time, i know its very unlike me but i go back quite often so next time i go i will show you how beautiful it is there. we stayed at my aunty and uncles campsite which i highly recommend (not bias..honest!)

2 & 3. mama bought these lovelies back from her trip to the edinburgh festival (so jel', its my favourite holiday) 

4. surprise surprise liv chose a cream knitted jumper as part of her work uniform...classic.

5. when the boy and i were visiting my family in norfolk on our seaside adventure i picked up this little gem in a shop called indigo bay. 

6. liss gave me my very late birthday gift (my birthday is in may) but never late than better, especially if its cath kidston!

7. i decided it was time for a new purse i have had my tweed old lady one for four years and it still faintly smells like cat (i think i new purse is a good omen for being better with money)

love livvy