Friday, August 10, 2012

unroll the riot van.

1 & 2: cheeky little cath kidson sale purchases, i couldn't resist the plate as it is toast sized which will be perfect for uni, as its all i seem to eat there and it won't break if i drop it (butter fingers! liv that wasn't a funny joke) annyywaaayyy i also though this little mirror was lovely as my current bag mirror i've had since year ten or something and its a bit tired!

3: this mug was a gift from the boys brother as a late birthday present, the boys mama and i have a weakness for anything emma bridgewater! 

4: a little pay day treat that was only a tenner so i felt it was okay, its so sparkly and cute plus i don't really own many tops for some strange reason.

this is a scheduled post as i'm in poland, probably hiding from the sun and reading too much!
love livvy