Monday, August 6, 2012

he doesn't drink smoke laugh, takes herbal baths in the country.

top: glamorous via ruby room 
trousers: crew
necklace: made by my own fair mitts

hello lovelies!
i know outfit posts have been a bit sporadic (as cher from clueless would say) but i haven't had money for clothes recently as being an adult and other stuff gets in the way.
however this week i did PASS MY DRIVING TEST, ohhhh yeaaaaah it feels good after two years of learning and frustration (i did have a gap between lessons as i had to go to uni) so i will be razzing around in my little red car doing photoshoots (its the same colour as my lipstick, coincidence eh...) and i have planned a tiny road trip with the boy to the seaside for a few days.
tomorrow morning (very very early) i am off to poland with my family for a week, apparently its 35 degrees so i will come back resembling strawberry jam. i have to share a suitcase with my brother (god knows why i agreed to this, i am a girl) 
i have, as per been busy working but i work with some utter babes so it makes working when the sun shining bearable (they all have really nice nails as well, i get nail envy every shift, must make more effort with mine)
love livvy