Wednesday, November 28, 2012

when the chips are down i'll be around.

hello lovelies
i went to my first bloggers event last week at the beautiful dahlia boutique
after getting lost (top skills liv, top skills) i arrived and stood like a bit of a lemon (mainly being super starstruck) until the lovely monica came and said hello.
we perused the beautiful clothes, drank some bubbly and had a gorgeous collar chain made!
 i may have fallen in love with this and this but my sensible 'you need to eat this month liv' voice got the better of me (even when there was discount available boo hoo)
i had to dash near the end so the boy didn't get locked out before he had to dash off to uni so i didn't get to pick up my polaroid (looking like a slight deer in the headlights...) but i did get a wonderful gift bag full of lovelies things
thank you for much for having me dahlia ladies you were wonderful and i had an amazing time!
love livvy