Friday, November 30, 2012

just maybe, laka ukulele.

coat: ebay
top, jeans & shoes: primark
cardi: zara

hello lovelies
today has actually been a fairly productive today (they're normally spent in my pj's debating doing work) but i went into uni and helped on a shoot, edited some photos, then went on a big shop to asda (i know that you're all finding this reaaalllyyyy interesting) annnyywaayyy....
whenever i put these trousers i get that scene from new girl in my head, for those of you who don't know it, shame on you but as i love you take a cheeky look at it (and weirdly it just came on the t.v) 
i had been eyeing these bad boys up in my routine trip to primark (god i have primark issues) and as i was pursuing the sale section (more issues liv) i found them for a mere fiver and had a hard time leaving them behind.
initially i had issues finding something to wear them with but i took a leaf out of the 'printed trouser queen' olivia's book and all was good. 
and if you have survived this ramble without having your head on the key board snoring and dribbling a bit you deserve a chocolate medal. 
love livvy
p.s. i was thinking about sharing some of my uni work if you fancy a peek? 
p.p.s i have been thinking about re-ombreing my hair or dying it chocolate brown, help a sisstaaa out.