Tuesday, December 4, 2012

saving all my love for you.

hello lovelies 
i thought i would share some of my little purchases over the last few weeks, i'm currently tucked up on the sofa trying to do work with a horrible horrible headache. 

1. mittens from primark, now its getting colder my badly circulating hands are suffering (for two pounds you can't really say no)

2. company magazines december issue, i have been trying to track it down for ages in so'ton but finally found it tucked away behind an elle!

3. the only moisturiser i use on my body, i though it was just going to be a pot of the creme (like in the bottle) but this is pretty solid and a bit oiler but it still makes my skin silky soft.

4. bad bad liv, i have shoe issues i know. 

5. i managed to nab myself an advent calendar in asda, as i picked it up the boy said 'are you reaaalllllyyyyy getting a peppa pig advent calendar?' 

6. my new favourite lip balm, it smells devine. 

love livvy

p.s. the boy and i made a roast on sunday (well my only contribution was roast potatoes)