Thursday, December 6, 2012

get to your apartment, now i'm staying.

jacket: ebay
dress: c/o love
shoes: new look
grainy photographs: winter light being rubbish

hello lovelies
whoooaaah whats this, liv not wearing any primark (apart from my tights but if you don't tell i won't)
i won this dress in the summer and i thought it was time it had a little winter outing as its too much of a beaut' to be in my wardrobe all winter. 
although i pretty much wear all my summer clothes with tights and knitted items in the closer months because i'm cheap like that.
i wore this little number when i went for tea with lizzie and jenny at a cafe down the road which i have wanted to go to for aggessss but being the really clever person that i am i left my memory card at home but i will deffs go again and show you how pretty it is!
i was looking at these photos and its so weird how different my face looks in each one, one minute i look like i vaguely like i have cheek bones and the other my moon face returns. 
love livvy

p.s. this is a little peak of the cafe (i nabbed the photo from jenny)