Tuesday, December 11, 2012

hush now child.

coat and scarf: ebay 
jumper: primark
jeans: asos
necklace: accessorise 
shoes: new look 
bag: cambridge satchel company

hello lovelies
my new perfect jeans (apart from the fact they seem to be turning my legs a bit blue every time i wear them) after lusting after the american apparel 'easy jean' i decided that it was time i got some high waisted jeans, being cheap (i shudder at the though of spending sixty pounds on anything!) so i was having a little stalk of the asos website i found these beauties in the sale (the cheap skate in me did a mr burns 'exxcccllleeennntttt') 
i wore this little 'ensemble' as jenny called it this afternoon to a seminar, i don't know why but it makes me think of jenny from an education (the two jennys are not linked, weird though...)
i'm catching up on x-factor, oh james arthur you pretty man with your pretty voice. 
i'm off out tonight one last time before i go back to the fields for chrissstttmmmaassss (so excited!) probably going to freeze my bum off in something weather inappropriate and sparkly...
love livvy

p.s. i did a bit of modelling for my friend briony for one of our projects and now i want a bowler hat...