Friday, December 28, 2012

baby never act wild, very low key on the profile.

hello lovelies
hope you've all had a wonderful christmas.
in my family we have allot of birthdays around christmas so the last few days have been full of family get togethers that have involved lots of tea, cake and making fun of me (its the norm')
i got some beautiful presents (a post will be coming up soon) my favourite was by far a 35mm lens from my boy (all the pictures in this post were taken with it) i actually squealed when i opened it as it was such a surprise! thank you again jay bird!
i'm having a reaalllyyyyyy lazy day today with lots of tea and films, i have another family party tonight that will involve lots of beer and pizza (the best kind)
love livvy
p.s. you can see why the eye brows are a family trait.
p.p.s yes i have dyed my hair, laterz dip dye (well for a bit)