Sunday, February 24, 2013

i'll go wherever you go.

jumper and jeans: primark
fur: DP
shoes: new look
necklace: delilah dust
bag: gift
watch: rotary

good afternoon beautiful reader
well actually its pretty much evening, but anyway...
today has been pretty lazy and lovely just eating and cuddling up to jay, its been a very healthy day of pancakes and then a trip to the fish and chip shop (i won't tell if you don't)
these jeans have now been replaced by pj's as they are super tight and the chicken nuggets and chips i had got the better of me, plus sundays are for pj's.
as you all seemed to enjoy my last little playlist i thought it would be a regular thing, here are some more gems for your listening pleasure (jay and i can't get enough of the laura mvula song)
enjoy with some sort of yummy thing (for example the pain au chocolat below) and a hot beverage (preferably tea, they feel like tea songs..i don't know why)
love livvy