Tuesday, March 26, 2013

i know it's quite soon but you've got a lovely heart.

trench coat: primark
jeans: topshop
bag: ebay
shoes: new look

hello homeslices!
so looky who finally got a hair cut!
i seem to be getting the habit of popping into sainsburys (its in the same building as the car park) and buying baking things, i picked up a macaroon kit today! (yes, my life is very exciting) 
i was having a mooch in westfield waiting for jay to finish work and spotted this trench, i've wanted one for what feels like since the dawn of time so i decide that this baby would be mine. 
i've been chain watching the O.C. (so so obsessed) and its making me wish england wasn't so snowy and horrible right now, gimme sunshine!
love livvy

p.s. jenny and lizzie came to visit me for a shoot with henry the horse (well pony)

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