Wednesday, March 6, 2013

just know that i'm always parallel on the other side.

just a few things that i'm enjoying at the moment, yes its mainly food...and pj's think that pretty much sums me up.
life has been mainly uni, food, sleep, repeat, so there hasn't been too much to blog about.
i had a comment this week, it might have been spam but they said i need to write more and that i'm 'throwing away my intelligence just posting pictures when i could be giving them something more informative' 
i feel that really if it write lots or little it should be my decision, and photographs are a bit part of my life plus i'm not here to inform i enjoy my rambling and bad jokes, i'm here to blog about whatever i fancy.
sorry to rant but i feel that you should be able to blog about anything you want to and however you want to.
okay, rant over.
love livvy