Sunday, March 4, 2012

every day on the hood of your car.

yesterday i got up at six thirty so i could catch the coach to london to see my best friend, she lives in scotland and goes to university in ireland (trying to get away from me clearly) anyway we only see each other twice a year and its is spent in the way that all best friends should spent time together; shopping, eating lots and being very immature. it was such a lush day we went to spitalfields, brick lane (holllaaa three dresses for a tenner, but more on that another time), the tate modern, wandered along southbank in the sunshine and mooched around oxford street. only pictures of food and my bestie cause getting up at six thirty did me no favours. it was a very long day but so totally worth it. 
sorry there hasn't been an outfit post this week but i have had lots of work, i will do one soon, promise. 
love livvy