Thursday, March 15, 2012

when you're out here in this jungle.

my charity shop successes, i have been looking for a skater style dress for AGES and founds this bad boy in british heart foundation (i wear it backwards to get that high front and scoop back look) i also found this 100% silk top (a very cheeky £3.99). 
i got a letter from my cousin yesterday and she included a 'barbers chart' to go with my love of all things moustache related. 
i have been busy reading for uni (yes elle and company are included.....) also a cheeky picture of me in a hat because I'm procrastinating and i don't have the guts to wear this hat out. 
i promise i will be back to posting more regularly now (bad liv!) 
right now I'm eating ice cream out of the (large) tub and gearing myself up to getting my head round e-portfolio.
love livvy