Monday, April 2, 2012

you are now watching the throne.

belt: gift
bag:new look
shoes: rachel simpson

hello lovelies
the boy and i put our gladrags on for  the ball, i had a lovely evening apart from feeling like i was going to vom and the holes i got in my toes from my shoes (they still hurt waaa) we got one of the official really cheesy grin photos taken in front of some really cool planes, like so cool! (i might post if its not too cheesy just to show you the cool planes...)
i managed to get a replacement bag because of me being an utter twit and leaving my beautiful silver one in so'ton, however i like how this bag as a bit book shaped so i won't hold a grudge. 
we had such a lovely weekend just lying around eating sweets, meeting up with friends and i introduced him to the film despicable me, has me in peels of laughter every time! (i'm such child, clearly not mature enough to be nineteen in a month and a bit awwwah!) 
i have ordered my new bed for my room so post about that malarkey will come soon!

hope everyone had a lovely weekend
love livvy