Monday, April 30, 2012

i used to have it all.

hello lovlies
i braved the broken lift and walked down and then back up the seven flights of stairs to collect my asos package (living on the seventh floor is a curse and a blessing) but it was totally worth it as i got my lovely sale purchase, the perfect aran knit jumper. i was ummming and arring about it but the lovely charlie said it would go with everything, so i went for it! 
i have been working hard with uni work (hence my little absence, sorry) but been rewarding my self with my favourite treats and magazines (every things handed in, so fingers crossed for positive feedback!)
ever since i started uni i have been eating so many eggs! i think its because they're easy to make and I'm a lazy cook...
i found out I'm not going home till the eighteenth, even though i only have a few sessions left and uni this year, but luckily i will be back just in time for my birthday (nineteen going on nine) i do wish i was coming back a bit earlier though. 
i have been thinking about setting up a facebook page for my photography, but something keeps holding me back. do any of you have a page for your photography, do you like it? 
i just wanted to say a little hello and thank you to my new followers and lots of love to my already faithful ones, all your comments make my day! 
hope everyone is enjoying this little burst of sunshine between the torrential rain (did think i might need some sort of canoe to go to the shops the other day...)
love livvy