Thursday, May 3, 2012

my seats been taken by some sunglasses asking 'bout a scar.

hello lovelies
i haven't had the best of weeks, everything just is on a bit of a downer but i'm trying being positive and hoping it will rub off on everyone. 
my morning was made by a text from mama j saying-'a lady just rode part me on a bike wearing a knitted beard and moosetash!'
i am going to little trip home this weekend to see the boy and my family, i haven't seen them in almost four weeks so i am willing it to be friday already (nice shot of my dirty washing i know!)
with lots of my spare time here i have been drawing again and jotting down photoshoot ideas in my pretty note pad. 
had a nice time talking to male bestie this morning before he went off to see his girlfriend, which was nice and he only insulted me a few times (his heart wasn't in it this morning) which was a refreshing change.
so i am sat here with a mug of earl grey, reading blogs and hoping that the rain in essex will have stopped by the time i get there.
feel free to send me some of your favourite blog links please, quite fancy following some new blogs.
oh and some of you may have noticed i jazzed up the ol' blog a bit (put pages and links and stuff in, an achievement for me i feel...) 
love livvy