Wednesday, May 9, 2012

when the lights go out she calls your name.

playsuit: newlook
cardigan: zara
belt: vintage
ring: topshop
glasses: karen millen/specsavers 

hello lovelies 
this is one of my favourite playsuits, i grabbed it last summer when i was desperate for something to wear to a gig. the back is pretty low and has a tie bit but i just couldn't get a photograph without my back looking like it belonged to a man (not a good look) 
today i went and saw my grandparents and witnessed the biggest box of tea i have seen in my life (480 bags) the box was like cereal box size. nanny had a good laugh at my shocked face (not sure why i was so shocked at tea) and then made a dent in that box whilst eating some lovely tarts (oi none of that you lot i know what you're thinking) 
apologies for my chipped nails, nail painting is not my thing (i am a hopeless excuse of a girl)
you lucky lot have witnessed me in my four eyes state, you wouldn't believe how many people ask me if the are real (the answer is yes...)
love livvy