Saturday, May 19, 2012

dirty diana.

dress: primark
earrings: vintage 

hello lovelies
todays photographs were courtesy of the boy, hence why i look like i'm laughing in most of them but he needed a well deserved break from revision. 
quite of a few of you commented about this dress when i posted about buying it last month, so i thought it was (just about) warm enough to crack this bad boy out the wardrobe. 
i do feel a bit 'mad men' wearing it and i can't bend over that much but the boy finds it highly amusing so i suppose its worth crouching to get to the fridge. 
for those of you who notice these things, then yes you are correct, i have had a hair cut (well and those of you who follow me on twitter would already know that...) 
blondie keeps sneaking her way into outfit posts these days (she doesn't look that amused in this one, clearly pulling a tyra 'fierce' face)
i am writing to you as my last day of being an eighteen year old, tomorrow i'm going to the zoo with my fam' and the boy to celebrate the big one nine (turning nineteen in a grown up fashion obvz)
i have a little pile of gifts in the corner of my room looking at me saying 'ohhh open me, you know you want too' 
hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
love livvy