Tuesday, May 22, 2012

i'll put my hands over your eyes, but you'll peep through.

jacket: hand me down
scarf: spitalfields market
shoes: river island
bag: cambridge satchel company

hello lovelies!
well i have been a very busy bee over the last few days!
i had the boy at my house all weekend which was laaavely (even if he did have to do revision).
sunday was my birthday, so in true nineteen going on nine style i went to colchester zoo and LOVED IT. 
i fed an elephant (best bit), had a picnic in our seat ibiza squished between two boys (mama was a bit nervous when we lit the birthday cake candles, the car go a bit too warm) 
papa surprised me with a tiny bottle of cava at the car picnic, so we had bucks fizz with olives, feta, kettle chips, massive sandwiches, ect and BIRTHDAY CAKE. 
mama had made a cake with a man who had a chocolate moustache and he was smoking a pipe (she is a babe) and it was flipping delish' 
yesterday i went on a buying trip to london with jo from bridal path who i used to work for and is a family friend, i had a lovely day and forgot how amazingly beautiful the jenny packham flagship store is (i want to live there) 
wish i could have taken pictures but it was a very long day (i went to the theatre after) and my camera didn't fit in my bag but all the designers new collections are stunningly beautiful!
love livvy 

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