Tuesday, May 15, 2012

now they make new movies in old black and white.

jumper: asos
top (collar just seen): primark
shorts- levi
ring- ebay

hello lovelies  
'i moustache you a question, but i'll shave it for later' 
(makes me chuckle every time)
yesterday i ventured back down south to get some more feedback from uni, so far i have got all B's this term so fingers crossed that i pass my essay (and toes crossed).
i now have the joyful task of packing up all my stuff in-between watching a mad men box set, going for a romantic meal with E tonight because we are top gal' pals.
and then i shall once more be back into the loving arms of my bed, my one true love (...if you're reading this boy you know you come in right after mr bed)
not sure what is with my sideways lean going a bit how to pose like a fashion blogger on you all.
right now I'm looking despairing at the mess and wondering how the flipping heck i packed it all in the first place....
love livvy