Wednesday, May 30, 2012

no pill's gonna cure my ill.

dress: ebay but edited into a dipped hem
bag: birthday gift
ring: gift
knee bruise: a pimms related incident 

hello lovlies!
the photographs of me were courtesy of the boy yesterday as i was at aunty jens (without tripod and he enjoys doing it), i wore the outfit the night before as well (shhh no one will know...)
anywayssss how pretty is this dress, i love floating around in it and i don't feel like i lack leg like when i wear a midi skirt. i cut it into a dipped hem (not very well) and my cousin steph rolled the hem and sewed it for me 'cause she's a mega babe. 
the boy took me out for lunch in saffy walden to a really nice place called 'kims tea', i think the best tea shops are when you have loose tea leaves and you have to use a tea strainer (this place is  favourite of grannies so it must be good, that lady has standards) so top boyfriend points to him i feel. 
we met up with steph to go for a wander the art show in the town hall (i took place in it last year) and went back to jens, ate cake, watched the big bang theory and ate a midweek roast.
i came across a competition for all you beauties who wear glasses which is rather fab. scout are looking to find the face of scout, i was featured on their blog with my entry and all the information about it is here, it closes on the ninth of june so get your skates on sweeties.   
hope you're all having a top notch week and haven't got burnt!
love livvy xo