Friday, May 11, 2012

bless my heart, bless my soul.

papa newman carving up the roast a storm.  said roast.  tomato bread made by papa newman's fair hands (very tasty and i don't like tomatoes).  homemade curry with lime and lemongrass cordial.  cheese and biscuits and diet coke.  due to having lots of spare time things like this happen (mature as ever).

hello lovelies
lately i have been taking pictures of my food for some reason so i thought i would share it because i like seeing pictures of other peoples food (bit of a nosey parker). 
as you can see we attempted to make yorkshire puddings, mama said they were more yorkshire biscuits (still pretty tasty though) any yorkshire pudding tips out there beauties?
i have been taking some more outfit pictures so i will post them this week (i posted one day right after the other and it felt a bit funny) 
i tried doing my outfit pictures on the cream wall in my room they just didn't look right, so you all get to look at my deck for every outfit post (lucky buggers eh?, I'm joking i will probably get fed up and move to another spot) plus natural light is the best light.
hope everyones having a good week, i shall stop rambling now.
love livvy