Sunday, May 6, 2012

you couldn't find me even if you had a radar.

hello lovelies!

hope you've all had a wonderful weekend and that you all have a cheeky day off tomorrow.
i have had a lovely few days, i managed to get my suitcase around the underground without (seriously) injuring myself.
spent friday evening and saturday morning with the boy after a long four weeks apart, so we ate lots and i made him watch tangled (i find it hilarious but i am a child at heart) 
this morning i went for a ride on ginger with mama and just avoided the rain. 
i also made cakes, half chocolate and half vanilla with vanilla and maple syrup butter cream syrup for when the boy ones over tomorrow. 
i am going to be spending the rest of the afternoon in my bed with tea and cake (just realised we own a unnatural amount of wallace and gromit mugs...)
love livvy