Thursday, May 24, 2012

it's always darkest before the dawn.

sunglasses: H&M
earrings: ebay
necklace: handpicked and gorgeous 
belt: vintage
dress: gift from friend

hello lovelies
i cracked out this maxi dress that i've been meaning to wear for ages, i got given it when i did a spot of modelling for a friend. 
mama said i look very forties glamour in it so that can only be a good thing, so i enjoyed floating around the house in it all day, whilst jingling about with my necklace (so noisy when i run up the stairs)
i have been lingering about the house waiting to hear about a job (fingers crossed cause it would be such a lovely place to work) and watching too much mad men. 
being pale and pasty i have been enjoying the weather from the shade, but i am liking not having to bother  with a jacket. 
i do feel like i'm becoming a little repetitive with my blog, i do hope you're all not getting too bored with me. 
not sure why i look so moody in these pictures but i did have wind in my eyes so we shall blame it on that!
hope everyones enjoying the lovely weather!
love livvy