Thursday, May 17, 2012

what are you waiting for.

dress: ebay/gift
hat: new look
dog and awkward hands: own 

hello lovelies
this dress was a gift from the boy, boy did good. 
this dress fits me like a glove, however i did stand with my arms over head for a good five minutes trying to get it off and no one was around to help (five minutes of worried squeaking from me) 
this is one of my favourite hats, its such a delicious colour! 
blondie was doing laps of the garden whilst i was taking these so there are a few outages of me running to save my camera and tripod from here razzing over the deck. 
i dare say this will be the most lady like you will ever see me as i do not specialise in looking elegant. 
today i have been a top daughter by hoovering and dusting the whole house (i hate hoovering, i always have hoover wars and the sodding lead always gets tangled)
anyway enough on my hoover rage, hope you're all having lovely weeks.
love livvy