Saturday, May 26, 2012

little bitty pretty one i've been watchin' you grow.

hello lovelies!
apologies to anyone who saw this post saturday and it didn't have any writing (i forgot to unschedule it), my own silly fault!
i was at the boys about to write it but got distracted by tea, toast and getting dressed (ironic huh?) 
i've had a really lovely few days, friday i went for lunch with the lovely hester, chole and mama too prezzo and then went swimming with the boy (well more splashing)
saturday i went for a BBQ at the boys best friends house and drank too much pimms, walked (staggered) to anunty jens drank more pimms and fell up a step in front of my family (tres embarrassing)  so now a have two big bruises on my knee and hip, silly liv!
i thought i would show you lovely lot a few of my presents, (two were from myself...) 
the first was actually a present that papa got, but i have adopted it as its an emma bridgewater jubilee mug and its beautiful!
i treated myself to a new red lipstick 'ruby tuesday' by maxfactor (i wish i had the job naming lipsticks). 
one of my best friends, berry gave a this beautiful fox ring, although we were joking that it looks like the 'crack fox' in the mighty boosh. 
papa won a raffle the other day and i got given the perfume prize, this was fab because we never win anything and i had ran out of perfume (the boy loves the smell of it as well, so good show all round i feel)
i had got myself some loafers a while ago but they where too small. being a five and a flipping half size shoe means buying shoes from the internet is a bit of a risk so i finally got round to ordering a six and will be selling my other pair soon. 
hope everyone is having a lovely weekend and not hurting themselves drunkely like me!
love livvy