Friday, June 1, 2012

i'm your little scarlet, starlet.

jumpsuit: zara
ear cuff: ebay
ring: ebay

hello lovlies!
and oh hai a rare show of the ol' cheek bone in the first picture.
i do feel like i'm wearing my pj's when i don this jumpsuit but i love it oh so much at the same time, the boys brother loving nicknamed it my genie outfit and they both teased me about it the whole day i wore it (that was last summer, i'm not holding any grudges...)
its the boys last day at sixth form today which is making me feel pretty old, i keep thinking i can't have left school a year ago nooooooooo and then remembering i'm nineteen and have to do adult things like pay rent and stuff for a house I'm not living in till september (boo)
tonight the boy and i are going to a where's wally party, not going to lie i'm looking forward to going to a party where i can wear my glasses. i got my XL red and white stripy top ready (only size in the shop but it handily doubles up as a dress) 
mama informed me this week that we're not doing anything for the jubilee, she was smiling and said thank god (did i come from this woman?!) so i will just have to make myself cucumber sandwiches and dink out my best mug in honour instead. 
love livvy