Thursday, June 28, 2012

my girls can't tell me nothing, i'm gone in the brain.

dress: c/o love
lipstick: ruby tuesday by maxfactor

hello lovelies
this is the dress i won on natasha's blog as she hosted a in love with fashion giveaway last month.
i love this dress (no pun intend...or is it...) the open back is divine and peter pan collar is sooo cute!
the roses in my garden at this time of year are so lush, mama put them in a vase in my room as well (i'm allowed them because they die anyway, clearly didn't inherit any gardening skills)
i think its nice seeing the garden change in the background of my photographs through out the year, but thats probably just me.
not much to report apart from I GOT A JOB, okay breath i celebrated by making coffee kisses and listened to beyonce loudly. 
i reaalllyyy want to start taking pictures again (apart from of myself for the blog) i miss it so much, i think if i didn't take the blog ones i would go crazy. 
i have a couple of beautiful new models lined up so hopefully their pretty little faces will be popping up here soon!
love livvy