Saturday, June 16, 2012

love on top.

breakfast in bed with the boy- new magazines and a gift- my favourite mugs (saddo i know)- bunting in our beach themed front garden.

hello lovelies!
hope everyones had a good week and enjoying the weekend.
as some of you may have read i have had a very busy week (for once, oh the life of an unemployed student, but i'm working on it) the latter part of my week wasn't quite as hectic, i did my normal trip to the mad lands of grandparents vile, the boy stayed round and we watched madagascar 2 (oh so funny, even if i did fall was the beer okay...) 
mama took me out to the cafe that i had applied to but not got the job at (just rub it mama, rub it in) however the food was proper tasty so my embarrassment was forgotten.
today i finally built up the courage and enthusiasm to apply for two jobs and write cover letters for both (i am not the best at talking about myself in a non jokey kind of way but the boy, papa and berry were all great helps!)
tonight granny is taking us out to dinner which will be lovely and the weather is just about okay enough to wear something nice. 
i have reached two hundred followers as well! 
so a big huge massive thank you and lots of kisses go to charlie and katy for being massive babes and featuring me on their blogs over the last week, and to you old and new followers you all get big kisses as well!
love livvy