Tuesday, June 12, 2012

cause you're all i'm after.

hello lovelies!
yesterday i went to the V&A with granny, aunty jen and steph to see the ball gowns exhibition and oh my goodness it was the prettiest, most beautiful thing ever! sadly you can't take pictures otherwise i would be overloading you with pictures (more than normal) however i hadn't been to the fashion section since it had a make over, and it looks fab!
before the exhibition we had tea (waiting for steph as per) and lunch (which i ate too quickly to photograph but it was luuuuush), we also had a wander round the gift shop as we had a little bit of time to kill and i found bruce the moose's family! (bruce lives above my bed and he's not actually a moose..)  
whilst going round the exhibition we played the game of if you had to have one of the dresses which one would it be (best game evvzzz) i went for a feathery mcqueen number as aunty jen stole the jenny packam! (not literally as that would be bad and pretty tricky...)
after the exhibition it was obviously time for tea and cake!
today i am at my photoshoot for scout eyewear (this is scheduled duuurrr) and i'm hoping i will have decided what to wear and managed to get up hideously early!
if you do get a chance to go to the exhibition i highly recommend it!
love livvy