Friday, June 22, 2012

sweet disposition.

     i know you've seen this outfit before just just incase
shirt: charity shop- shorts: levis/rokit- cardi: zara-  belt: vintage- wellies: hunter- sunglasses: H&M 
 and if any boys are reading this
 polo: joules- shorts:boden- shoes: vans- sunglasses: ray-ban

hello lovelies 
the boy and i took blondie out for a stroll the other day, so you can have a peak into our very mature relationship....
also don't worry he's not actually riding the dog before any of you do gooders ring the RSPCA (its all cool, she was amused by the whole thing)
this was when the weather was actually nice, now its poo. i will stop being english and complaining about the weather now.
i keep looking at lovely holiday clothes that i want and can't buy, its painful but i am so excited to go away, however i have been looking through my wardrobe and wondering whats holiday 'appropriate' so if anyone spies anything they think would be good for holiday clothes on my blog give me shout and i will put it in the suitcase! 
the boy and i are off to le havre in france (not yet, but in a few weeks), so if any of you beauties have been let me know any good spots/shops ect (being a saddo i got excited by the fact our hotel has 'individually decorated rooms)  
what does everyone want to take on holiday?
love livvy