Thursday, June 7, 2012

just keep me where the light is.

hello lovelies 
so the more observant of you will have noticed a have a new blog header and a button (that you can pop on your blog if you fancy) and if you haven't noticed then shame on you because its bloody beautiful.
it was designed by my good friend (that makes us sound forty doesn't it..) rebecca duff-smith (lolz not used to calling her that but got to be profesh' and stuff) 
anywayyysssss she is a bit of a wizard with a black muji pen, and she is rather handy with the ol' 3d stuff as well.
this is her blog:
she studied her foundation at central saint martins (got a distinction cause she is fab) and is studying graphic design there next year
 its fair to say she is god amongst art teachers, and i wish i was as godily as her with my drawing skillzzz (but not her driving skills, thats a story for another day)

hope you're all in awe of her work, cause i am!
thank you for making my blog beautiful rduffs, you are truly fab.
love livvy