Thursday, June 14, 2012

this is a lesson learnt.

shirt- charity shop
necklace- handpicked and gorgeous 
shorts- levis/rockit 

hello lovelies!
for those of you wondering what an earth i'm doing with my hands in that picture, i haven't a clue either...
i found this shirt amongst the stuffed rcks of st claires hospice, a little cave full of charity delights, i love it because it feels like a pj top and i spend allot of time in bed (not just sleeping but sitting, reading ect, with a bed this pretty how can you blame me?)
on tuesday i had my photoshoot with scout eyewear and OH MY GAWD IT WAS SO GOOD, i will do a big post about it when the campaign comes out but here's a sneaky peak for all you impatient types, there are also a few cheeky snaps on my twitter
keep your eyes peeled for a exciting little feature on katys blog- that i may be in......ahem...
annyywayzzz i'm off to write a covering letter (if you have any tips on this please send them my way) and bake gingerbread. 
love livvy