Tuesday, June 26, 2012

we gonna show this town how to kiss these stars.

jeans:gift (H&M)
tired facial expression:life of late

hello lovelies
this is a pretty casual outfit for me, i know you see me in dresses most of the time, however i spend a large amount of my time pottering about in jeans.
i hardly wear 'strappy' tops because i think they're very hard to get right but i picked this bad boy up a couple of summers ago in teccys as i loved the print!
oh and i just realised my nail varnish matches my jeans (wasn't intentional!)
today i helped mama with her riding for the disabled picnic ride and managed to get burnt (my pictures are not over exposed i am just that pale) but it was worth it for the happy looks on their faces and the BBQ after!
i was naughty the other day and went shopping in cambridge (i was hungover so that did slightly dampen my shopping enthusiasm) i did manage to get my mitts on these primark trousers that everyone had been lusting over and some bits for holiday, so i feel a bit more prepared than i did before. 
i have been spending lots of time with the boy which is so nice after a year at uni were we only got see each other once a month (i will try not to bore you with our adventures too much).
love livvy