Wednesday, June 20, 2012

will you still love me tomorrow.

dress: primark
belt: gift
sunglasses: H&M
watch: rotary

hello lovelies
now i'm pretty sure that even her maj' the queen has this dress, i see it all the time! 
however i still love it, its just so simple and perfect (even if it is a little short and the back is impossible to hide a bra)
i have just been baking and relaxing with the boy (he has finish exams now, yaaaaaaaay)
 i saw my best girls yesterday so we had a lush lounge in the sun (i lounged in the shade) ate pizza and ice cream whilst having a cheeky gossip.
i'm off to watch the final instalment of the grayson perry 'in the best possible taste', its so good!
hope everyones enjoying the little bit of sun we have been having!
love livvy