Tuesday, October 2, 2012

i left you by the house of fun.

top: primark
leggings: primark
fur: dorethy perkins
boots: ebay
delightful backgarden: student house

hello lovelies
fun fact: i bribed my house mate ellen to take these pictures by buying her rolo cookies due to the fact that it was going to rain and my tripod is buried.
i am STILL bloody ill, i think it has mutated into more (and more horrible) germs.
but on the plus side i started my second year of fashion with photography on monday and am excited for all my projects (even though the fashion marketing project terrifies me, gulp!)
i love the dip hem of this top and its soooo comfy, i think it would be too long to be pair with jeans but its perfect with leggings!
love livvy