Saturday, October 27, 2012

if you're gonna try and walk on water make sure you wear your comfortable shoes.

coat, skirt, scarf: ebay (i don't have a problem..)
jumper: primark
boots; topshop
bag: cambridge satchel company
rings: ruby rae love and vintage market

hello lovelies
this was my 'oh my gaaaad its so bloody cold' outfit, i wore for a little trip to the cinema (sky fall was SO GOOD) i wish it were acceptable to wear my slippers to the cinema because then it would be perfect. 
i am in love with this duffle coat, if i wear a jumper under it i find it a bit tricky to move my arms (lay off the tea cakes liv) however apart from that it is perfection, as is my new tartan scarf that hasn't left my neck since it arrived. 
pretty sure i'm going to have to start sleeping my bobble hat on soon (perks of a drafty student house) but luckily i have a furry gilet and a hot water bottle to surfice for now.
last night i made nacho burgers, if you have been thinking about it, do it they are uhhhhhh-amazing, i like blogging about food but at uni i normally eat it too fast as i'm the person that always hungry before they cook (rookie error) 
love livvy