Monday, October 15, 2012

to my heart they long to press you, sweet heart.

jumper: primark
shirt: charity shop
jeans: H&M
fur: DP
loafers: clarks 
slight wonk in photos: perks of student garden

hello lovelies
hope you're all well and had a wonderful weekend
i visited the boy, went to the aquarium, fell over a bollard (bloody painful, wasn't even drunk), had the most stressful journeys ever, however all in all it was a lovely visit. 
my camera decided that it didn't fancy taking decent pictures of my accessories today, especially as my nails actually looked nice (i used models own 'beths blue' and a layer of 'pearly queen' over the top, it looks laaavely, promise) 
my lions mane of hair seems to have returned after just over a month of being cut
i'm off to get some teacakes (the chocolate variety) and crack on with some work. 
love livvy