Monday, October 8, 2012

oh i could bore you with the truth about an uneventful youth.

models own nail varnishes from tk-maxx for £7.75 - new snuggly jumper from primark - I-D magazine for one of my projects creating an cover and editorial for the magazine - new belt from primark

hello lovelies
this weekend i made lots of food and cuddled under the duvet with my favourite boy (soppy liv...) 
after last thursdays shenanigans with uni the next day i really didn't feel like doing too much, however i had my first shift in the southampton crew which was so busy compared to little saffron walden!
today i was veerrryyyy naughty and went for a nandos for lunch with e and her boyf but the weather is naff so i justified it in my head somehow...
i ordered my new winter coat, now i have to wait 20-24 days impatiently for it.
i feel like all i wear is the same things at the moment, has everyone enjoyed my latest outfit posts or are they a bit dull? 
love livvy