Tuesday, January 29, 2013

twenty random facts about me.

1. cucumber is one of my favourite foods.

2. i always have had the bedroom that people want to come and sit in, i think its all the florals and fairy lights.

3. i hate spending over ten pounds on anything, such a cheapskate.

4. my favourite tv shows are gavin & stacey, miranda and sex and the city, i can watch them again and again. 

5. i love knitwear, especially cream.

6. i'm drawn to anything sparkly or floral.

7. my mama once said that i have legs like a gazelle but i run like a hamster. 

8. i can eat chocolate at any time of the day, its never too early. 

9. i have the tangliest hair, ever.

10. i went to live with my aunty and uncle to go to sixth form. 

11. i am a year older than my boyfriend, but i look like the youngest so no one ever realises (we've been together almost two years). 

12. i am the biggest bed/duvet hog, and coooocccooonnnn.

13. i always have really weird dreams, like last night i dreamt i lost my front tooth because it had an earring lodged between it and my other front tooth.

14. my friends and i have an obsession with sending each other pictures and videos of any cute animal, this happens several times a day (you should see our Facebook walls, its mainly cats and pugs).

15. i love mexican food but i'm allergic to peppers.

16. i'm really lazy when it comes to painting my nails.

17. horse riding has always been a big part of my life, i have been riding since i was four then i had a pony from the age of nine till i was sixteen and then shared mama's horse till we sold him last summer. when i have kids i hope it will be as big a part of their childhood as it was mine. 

18. i used to want to be a singer, one of my friends tried to make me go on x-factor (waaay to much of a wimp for that).

19. i love anything vanilla scented.

20. if i could wear my dressing gown and slippers all day i would. 

love livvy