Monday, January 14, 2013

you shout it loud, but i can't hear a word you say.

models: dillon and amber
make up: alicia jones
assistant: jay khatri

hello lovelies
i thought i would share some pictures from last term, my project was to chose a brand and create images for advertising using influence from film genres and artists for location, mood and styling (all a bit la di da i know kids)
i chose hunter wellingtons (if you hadn't guessed) the inspiration i used was one of my favourite artists jack vettriano mixed with my love for the mod film quadrophenia.
i chose brighton beach as the it combines the heritage feel that hunter embody and the vintage style that i get from my inspirations.
sorry for the ramble but i wanted to explain a little bit about them as a lot of planning and thinking went into the project.  

off topic i'm not 100% happy with my blog at the moment going back to taking pictures in my uni back garden feels like a bit of a step backwards after the posts at christmas which i was really happy with, its probably just me being negative but i just feel that quality is better than quantity. 

love livvy