Wednesday, January 23, 2013

you and i, bloodline, we come together every time.

faux fur gilet: primark
leather jacket: ebay
shirt: crew clothing
bag: cambridge satchel company
boots: new look

aloha, bonjour and a good day to you dear blog reader (and if that wasn't read in a miranda voice go sit in a corner and think about what you've done)
this was actually an outfit from a few days ago as right now i'm kicking back with some coco pops in my dressing gown and towel turban (thats right folks classy girl right here)
i chose this shirt for my work uniform but i love it so much that i wear in day to day as well, its this shirt if you want a closer look.
being really lazy when it comes to any shoe apart from my slippers i surprised myself by wearing these boots for a large chunk of the day (especially in the ice!) don't get me wrong i love shoes, probably more than i should but my slippers are the main shoe in my life (secretly an eighty year old man..) 
some of the things i say (mainly the slipper thing) surprise me that i'm allowed to be a fashion student, well half a fashion student...
love livvy