Wednesday, January 9, 2013

he waves goodbye, to the town he grew up in.

jacket and necklace: ebay
top and shoes: new look
jeans: asos
scarf: vintage

hello lovelies
i love love looovvveeee the colour of this top!
i picked this cheeky little number up for a mere nine pounds, its made of a lovely kind of jersey material as well.
i order this necklace about two months ago from ebay and it only just turned up a couple of days ago and i haven't stopped wearing it since.
i know i'm back to my shabby student back garden but i will try do take prettier pictures as much as possible, promise. 
i wanted to show you a few pretty things that have come my way lately
the joules beauties were from jays mama, they all smell so lush!
i won the lush goodies from tillys blog giveaway, there were some other bits that i have eaten and are sitting on my feet.
i nabbed these when i was in westfield the other weekend, they're a bit silly but i love them!
love livvy